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RAD-tools splits!#

DATE: 11.12.2023

Part of the RAD-tools package is separated into a standalone package called WULFRIC. The functionality connected with Crystal, Lattice, Atom, Kpoints is moved into WULFRIC.

At the moment the source code of RAD-tools is not changed, but in the future moved part is going to be removed from it and replaced with the dependency on WULFRIC.

The reason for this change is that the functionality of Crystal, Lattice, Atom, Kpoints is useful not only for the RAD-tools, but also for other packages.

If you are using RAD-tools only with scripts, you do not need to change anything.

Below is the comparison table, which guides the transition if you are using RAD-tools as a Python package.



import radtools as rad

import wulfric as wulf

from radtools import Crystal

from wulfric import Crystal

from radtools import Lattice

from wulfric import Lattice

from radtools import Atom

from wulfric import Atom

from radtools import Kpoints

from wulfric import Kpoints

from radtools import print_2d_array

from wulfric import print_2d_array

from radtools import lattice_examples

from wulfric import lattice_examples

from radtools PlotlyBackend

from wulfric PlotlyBackend

This table is not full, but it should give you an idea how to change your code.