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Spin Hamiltonian#

For the full reference see spinham.

Spin Hamiltonian module describe the logic around the spin Hamiltonian. SpinHamiltonian is the main class of this module. It stores bonds between Atom \(i\), which is located in the unit cell \((0, 0, 0)\) and Atom \(j\), which is located in the unit cell \((i, j, k)\) unit cell.

The main building block of the spin Hamiltonian is exchange parameter (\(\boldsymbol{J}\)), which is implemented in a separate class ExchangeParameter. For the guide on the classes see:

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The notation of the spin Hamiltonian is an important issue. Without clear notation exchange parameters does not make much sense. RAD-tools can support any notation out of the most common ones. ExchangeParameter is not aware of the notation. All logic for the notation is implemented in the SpinHamiltonian.

Detailed guide on the notation is available in the Notation of spin Hamiltonian page

We encourage you to read this guide once with full attention.