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Version 0.0#

Whats new?#

Preliminary stage of the project, the main problem here is a messy organisation.


Add possibility to make draft of the template file form TB2J file in rad-make-template.py script.


Add rad-make-template.py script. Fix bugs in rad-plot-tb2j.py.


Change versioning style, correct bugs in template logic.

Add tb2j-refractor.py script.

Better help messages in rad-plot-tb2j.py script.

Add possibility to plot parameters vs distance from the center of the molecule to the center of the bond (see --mode and --atoms).

Add argument to rad-plot-tb2j.py for title for the pictures (see --title).

Add the phonopy-plotter.py script. (Removed in 0.5.12)

Add arguments --scale-data and --scale-atoms to the rad-plot-tb2j.py.

Fix the problem with the spinham docs.

First release with fully working documentation.