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New script#

Each script is meant to be an interface to the Python library. It is typically implemented as a small manager() function in the score module.


  • Create templates for script and docs:

make new-script NAME=script-name
  • Implement the manager() function.

  • Write docs for the script.

  • Run post-processors, which creates Arguments section in docs and create_parser() function in script.

make generate-script-docs SCRIPT=script-name

Documentation for the manager function#


For correct post-processing your python files have to be formatted with black.

Check the documentation of other scripts for examples.

You need to follow guidelines of numpydoc and some additional rules:

  • Each parameter has to have "Console argument:" in the description.

  • Description goes to the help message of the parser.

  • Description has to be one line long.

  • Description and long description goes to the documentation.

  • Console arguments have to be separated by "/"

  • "list of str" means that nargs="*", type="str" passed to parser.add_argument().

  • "list of 2 str" means that nargs=2, type="str" passed to parser.add_argument().

  • If default value is None, then word "optional" word appears in the documentation.

  • If default value is not None, then word "default: Value" word appears in the documentation and default=Value passed to parser.add_argument().

  • If argument is positional, then required=True passed to parser.add_argument().

def manager(input_file, optional_param_1=None, optional_param_2=None, default_param=1):

    input_file : str

        Long description.

        Console argument: ``-if`` / ``--input-file``
    optional_param_1 : list of str, optional

        Long description.

        Console argument: ``-op1`` / ``--optional-param-1``
    optional_param_2 : list of 2 str, optional

        Long description.

        Console argument: ``-op2``
    default_param : int, default 34

        Long description.

        Console argument: ``-dp`` / ``--default-param``