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The documentation of RAD-tools is build with Sphinx.


The best way to get a feeling about how the documentation of RAD-tools is structured is to read the source code in the "docs/source/" directory and compare it's content and structure with this webpage. If you have any doubts we encourage you to contact us.

Building the documentation#

To build documentation simply run (provided that GNU make command is available):

make html

Alternatively, you can run the following command:

sphinx-build -M html "docs/source" "docs/build"

Documentation structure#

The documentation falls into two big parts:

  • API ("docs/source/api/" directory)

    Semi-automatically generated documentation of the source code, it is mostly build based on the docstrings of the source code, using sphinx.ext.autodoc and sphinx.ext.autosummary.

    It's content loosely follows the structure of the source code folders. The methods and classes are listed manually for the better presentation of the documentation, the rest is automatically generated. Please consult existing files to get a feeling about the structure.

  • User guide ("docs/source/user-guide/" directory)

    Hand-written reStructuredText files with the usage examples and the explanation of the RAD-tools's functionality.

    We separate the user guide into several parts:

    • "docs/source/user-guide/module/" directory Description of the python module. The majority of the doctests are written here.

    • "docs/source/user-guide/scripts/" directory Description of the scripts that are included in the RAD-tools.

    At the moment we have a few rules formulated for the documentation of the python module:

    • Each function and class has to have "Import" section.

    • Each class has to have "Creation" section.

    • Each page of the module guide have to have the link to the corresponding page of the API.

The rest of the documentation is located in the "docs/source/" directory and it includes, among other things:

  • "docs/source/conf.py" file

    The configuration file for Sphinx.

  • "docs/source/index.rst" file

    The main page of the documentation. It includes the table of contents and the introduction to the RAD-tools.

  • "docs/source/support.rst" file

    The page with the information about how to get support for the users of RAD-tools.

  • "docs/source/release-notes/" directory

    The release notes for each version of RAD-tools.

  • "docs/source/contribute/" directory

    Root folder for the documentation of how to contribute to RAD-tools.


All public classes and functions have to have a docstring. The docstring has to be written in the numpydoc style guide.

To get a feeling about the style you can read examples in the source code of RAD-tools.