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The module provides input-output routines. It does not mean to absorb all interfaces to the external data formats, but designed to be the place for the constructor of the internal data structures from the input data of the external programs, as well as from the internal-specified formats.

External inputs#

load_tb2j_model(filename[, quiet, bravais_type])

Read spin Hamiltonian from TB2J output file.

load_poscar([file_object, return_crystal, ...])

Read the crystal structure from the POSCAR file.

Internal inputs#


Read template from the template file.


Load any python Object from a binary format.

Internal outputs#

dump_pickle(object, filename)

Save any python Object in a binary format.

dump_spinham_txt(spinham[, filename, ...])

Save the SpinHamiltonian in a human-readable format.

External outputs#

dump_vampire(spinham[, seedname, ...])

Save the Hamiltonian in a Human-readable format.

dump_poscar(crystal_like[, file_object, ...])

Write Crystal-like object to the POSCAR file.