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radtools.plot_projected(pdos: PDOS, efermi=0.0, output_name='pdos', title=None, xlim=None, ylim=None, relative=False, normalize=False, interactive=False, save_pickle=False, colours=['#00FFFF', '#FF9720', '#CD00FF', '#FFFF2B', '#00B9FF', '#FF163D', '#79FF35', '#FF0BEA', '#0200FF'], total_label='default', axes_labels_fontsize=14, legend_fontsize=12, title_fontsize=18)[source]#

Plot PDOS.


PDOS for the plot.

efermifloat, default 0

Fermi energy.

output_namestr, default "pdos"

output_name for the plot file. Extension ".png" is added at the end.

titlestr, optional

Title of the plot. Passed to the ax.set_title().


limits for the x (Energy) axis


limits for the y (PDOS) axis

relativebool, default False

Relative plot style.

normalizebool, default False

Whether to norma;ize relative plot style.

interactivebool, default False

Whether to use interactive plotting mode.

save_picklebool, default False

Whether to save figure as a .pickle file. Helps for custom modification of particular figures.


List of colours to be used. values are passed directly to matplotlib

total_labelstr or None, default "default"

Label for the total data. If None , then the label is not added

axes_label_fontsizeint, default 14

Fontsize of the axes labels.

legend_fontsizeint, default 12

Fontsize of the legend.

title_fontsizeint, default 18

Fontsize of the title.